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The art is dead!

Posted on January 21, 2012, 9:11 amAuthor : Rafael Leonardo Carlesso | 

Art is dead is a challenge to the production of contemporary art. The denial of the historical continuity of the production process leads to conclusion that art is experiencing a period of creative confusion. Or rather, the artistic vanguard purposely denies the past as a way to design a new format and a new significance to the art as a whole.

This series discusses, through the works, the means and ends of art in last century and beginning of this.

"After the war of postmodern art" mocks the current state of production. After the war, what remains is a pile of rubble and blood everywhere. Mental disorientation and fear still complement the chaos of war.

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"Malevich is dead or white without white" takes the russian constructivism as a form of encouragement, the search for meaning amid the plurality anti-theoretical.

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The work "Museum piece" trying to preserve what once characterized the essence of art: the canvas and paint.

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And finally, "Mondrian is dead" The burial of modernism is realized splash and some still reaches certain productions of contemporary art.

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Theoretical discussions aside, the art is dead. And now is the time to resuscitate!


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