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The artist Carolee Schneemann
Born 1939, Fox Chase, Pennsylvania, USA.
Lives and works in New York.

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Carolee Schneemann, a groundbreaking performance and multidisciplinary artist, has used film and video since the 1960s. Shattering taboos and redefining the notion of the erotic, she confronts sexuality, gender, and the social construction of the female body. Her seminal performances of the 1970s were as transgressive as they were influential. Schneemann continues to provoke, as she explores female sexuality in relation to art-making, ritual, and culture.

Carolee Schneemann is a legend in the fields of performance art and cinema.
In the ‘70s, the American performance artist Carolee Schneemann turned the attentions of the art world to sexuality and gender with her blatantly bodily works. As a member of the Fluxus group, Schneemann produced work that explored social taboos and the limits of the body…

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