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The artist Giuseppe Gabellone
Born 1973, Brindisi, Italy.
Lives and works in Milan.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Gabellone actually produces little and demolishes a whole lot The fact is that he dooms most of his sculptures to destruction, and this is undoubtedly because he only reckons them to be fully satisfactory and significant from the single, sterile and one-eyed viewpoint of photography.
The works of Giuseppe Gabellone are large installations and their creation is time-consuming…
Giuseppe Gabelloneís art is always somewhere else. With a deft sleight of hand, his sculptures leap between dimensions, collapse into photo-graphic images or, like a rabbit from a hat, re-emerge into life. Gabelloneís ontologically uncertain work has a specific heritage traceable back to the Land art of the 1970s, which inadvertently flattened vast clumps of Utah desert by the simple action of depressing a shutter release. Robert Smithsonís massive Spiral Jetty (1970) on Utahís Great Salt Lake is really a film; Michael Heizerís spectacular hillocks appear today, squashed like daisies, between the pages of coffee-table books…

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