Jean Tinguely | the artist

The artist Jean Tinguely
Born May 22 1925, Fribourg, Switzerland.
Died Aug 30 1991 Bern.

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The material culture of the 20th century left behind massive amounts of discarded trash. "Junk Art" is a form of art that makes use of such waste to create works of art. Born in Switzerland and active in France, Tinguely is a representative artist of this genre…
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This museum is unlike others: here, things rattle, squeak, crash and thump. Colourful scrap rotates, multi-coloured lights flicker. It is a place full of vitality, laughter, amazement and discovery; a place that sets the feelings in motion and where art reaches across to the spectator. A museum that arouses in children and adults alike a need to experiment, to play and to think about art.
Homage to New York

crazy machine-sculpture

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