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The artist Jose Damasceno
Born 1968, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Hanging on the wall, a small abstract tapestry picks up the startling colours of the tableís baize. Itís a fuzzy, disquieting tangle of stitches, unsettling the roomís peacefulness. Its title, Monitor (2010), suggests the TV screen of some amusement arcade, the first hint of Damascenoís characteristic humour that runs throughout the rest of the show…
Brazilian artist Josť Damasceno is known for his large-scale sculptures and installations using a variety of unconventional materials and procedures…
Durante o caminho Vertical, 2001 Installation
Brazilian artist Josť Damasceno created Observation Plan, a scene depicting several figures looking at artworks, to make viewers aware of themselves looking at art. Using approximately 30,000 yellow no. 2 pencils, Damasceno comments on the idea of drawing by creating an image with objects that would normally be used to draw one. Observation Plan recalls pointillist paintings in which tiny dots of paint create a picture that is recognizable only from a distance…

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