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The artist Julian Schnabel
Born 1951, New York, USA.

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This exhibition offers another look at some of the notorious plate paintings from the late seventies and early eighties that contributed so much to the artist’s mixed reputation. Reviled and admired, bombastic and ambitious, this work refused to go unnoticed. What is it that is strong about it? What is weak?
Corine Near Armenia’ and other works
Schnabel Kiss
Reasons for making "Diving Bell"
came to prominence in the eighties as a leading figure in what came to be known as ‘neo-expressionism’. after decades when minimalism and conceptual art had completely eclipsed painting, schnabel’s work, which often displays a romantic or heroic content, was seen as emotive and subjective
I suspect it is characteristic of Schnabel to wish to place himself pictorially in the moment. In the introduction to his handsome book, Julian Schnabel: Polaroids, he writes: “Traditionally, photography is supposed to capture an event that has passed; but that is not what I’m looking for. Photography brings the past into the present when you look at itů
Interview with the artist

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