Mark Raidpere | the artist

The artist Mark Raidpere
Born 1975, Tallinn, Estonia.
Lives and works in Tallinn.

Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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In his photo-based work the Estonian artist Mark Raidpere focuses on the bodyscape in a new and unexpected way. As a mirror of the artist ‘s corporal identity, the photographic medium assumes a quite usual role here, at first sight, the different layers of meaning only appear later…
… The presentation of male nudity in Estonian mannerist photographic art has so far been pronouncedly hedonistic, problem-free and operatic. The exhibition’s title in the Italian language, Io, refers to Mark Raidpere’s connection with the mannerist trend; the sarcasm of the pictures opposes its naivety…
Raidpere depicts the human side of convicts.

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