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The artist ABOVE
Born 1981 (?), California, USA.

Style and technique of the artist: Figuration-Libre-Graffiti, Stencil Graffiti,

Above is an international street artist who keeps his identity concealed.[2] Above is known for his multi-layer/full color social and political stencils, spinning wooden “arrow mobile” installations, and large mural “word play” paintings.

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“I must say that Athens, Greece has not only one of the most active Graffiti scene, but so many different styles the locals build off it’s intimidating, with a variety of Rollers, Hot Tags, Pieces, Productions, Posters, Stickers, and Stencils. Athens has been a Hot/Bed of graffiti since the Olympics, as well as many Kosmopolite events bringing foreigners from around Europe, South America, and the United States. Everything I saw in Athens donated itself to getting creative, the weather hitting 90-100 degrees, the abundance of Roof/Tops, many Graffiti stores and cheap Ouzo and Souvlaki all make Athens a Capital city for Graffiti. *A HUGE GREEK THANK YOU TO: Eros, Dreyk, and Phaz
(All for letting me sleep on your floor and supplying me with Home/Made Greek Food, and way too much Ouzo! Final Shouts to INVA, BARNS, and the AMIGOS Crew. !Malaka!”


ABOVE interview
My “artist” background basically started with my family. Both my Parents are artists and growing up as a young kid there was always art supplies to play with and experiment. I consider my family upbringing very fortunate and responsible for why I started and am curious in art. When I was about 15 I was already skateboarding and many if not all of my skateboard friends were tagging and painting trains. Because of my upbringing with art and an interest already established in creating It was just a matter of time before I too got into tagging and painting trains in California. I did the traditional letters but became bored with this coded language or style. In 2001 when I was 19 I moved to Paris, France to focus on making a new style in the streets. At that time there were just a handful of artists making “street art” that was not about letters but instead an icon/character/symbol that would represent their name or idea. For me I changed from writing the letters “A-B-O-V-E” to a symbol of an Arrow pointing “ABOVE.”

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