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The artist Binh Danh
Born 1977, Rach Giá, Vietnam.
Lives and works in San Jose, California, USA.

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artist´s website
Binh Danh is a photographer like no other. Using a deceptively simple photographic process, he harnesses the inherent power of the sun to imbed images of a past war into the very membranes of living plants. In doing so, he brings the landscape and the soldier who fought and died amid the verdant life of the jungle, together.

artist statement
18th Biennale of Sydney participant Binh Danh

artist binh danh has created a body of work using leaves as his canvas. referred to as ‘chlorophyll printing’, the natural process involves a negative of a photograph being placed over a leaf which is then exposed to sunlight for a period of days. the green pigments of the plant will darken accordingly, resulting in a ghostly and monochrome image that are preserved
in a block of resin.

Drifting souls
These images, these fragments of memories, are infused into the tissue of the living. Like some pre-historic insect forever suspended in a piece of amber, Danh’s leaves are encased in resin; and as fossilized records they do not show us memories as they are, but memories in suspension.

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