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The artist Hassan Darsi
Born 1961, Casablanca, Marocco.
Lives and works in Casablanca, Marocco.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Hassan Darsi
His works are open to ambivalent readings and strive to reveal situations of conflict in a figurative sense. In the public realm he addresses society as a whole, combining a close awareness of his Moroccan cultural heritage with future issues of global concern…

Hassan Darsi
L ’atelier de La source du lion

Hassan Darsi
The idea was triggered by his discovery of rolls of golden household wallpaper, 0,45 by 15 meters in an artisan’s shop close to his studio. These self-adhesive rolls were being used for precision cut, ornamental decoration in the style of traditional crafts thereby replacing hand-painted gildings…

Hassan Darsi
SoNGLiNeS can be seen as a project in which the symbols, dreams and desires of a particular place are brought together in images.
Inspiration was found on the streets and in ‘non places’, on imperceptible boundaries and in invisible places. But it also came from the myths and visions of Mechelen…

Hassan Darsi
L’ Appartement 113 (ou Atelier de la Source du Lion) est un espace artistique ouvert l’année dernière et qui s’inscrit dans le même concept que l’appartement 22 de Rabat… (Frensh)

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