Latifa Echakhch | the artist

The artist Latifa Echakhch
Born 1974, Khnansa, Marocco.
Lives and works in Paris and Martigny, Switzerland..

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At once poetic and political, gentle and yet critical, intimate but public, Latifa Echakhch removes articles of daily use, culturally defined objects and national symbols from their original context to put them in a different light. Moroccan tea glasses and carpets, airmail envelopes, sugar, worthless carbon paper, as well as legal and political documents take on a new and broader significance under the artist’s gaze.
She deconstructs the material she selects, but does not destroy it completely, so that viewers can distinguish more precisely the social codes and stereotypes resonating within it. In fact, it is this very act of de- and recontextualisation that enables us to decipher and get beyond the social encoding…

Taking its name from the area in Hyde Park designated as a space for free speech, protest and debate, Latifa Echakhch’s first exhibition in the UK explores themes of the individual and the state. It comprises two dramatic installations, each combining new and existing works…

The works by French-Moroccan artist Latifa Echakhch (born 1974 in El Khnansa, Morocco) are forever revolving around questions of cultural identity and how it is depicted. In this, she particularly engages with the ways culturally specific signs, such as national symbols in today’s globalised society, work and how we deal with them…

Latifa Echakhch uses her identity and experience to question pre-conceived ideas about nationality, religion, and history. Intellectually challenging, but at once sensual, the artist’s work explores society in an increasingly globalized world…

The artist seems to have taken Corb’s infamous slogan ‘Let the user speak next’ literally, engaging the viewer in the war of contradictions between the Utopian goals of such architectures and the oppressive living conditions they imposed upon their residents – who are now mostly immigrant communities. Born in El Khnansa, Morocco (in 1974) and raised in the French Alps, Echakhch loves to spot and critically deconstruct the frictions of cultural differences, but she’d rather not come up with didactic one-sided statements; her allegations are conveyed through a self-contained formal vocabulary rooted in post war and (mostly Western) Minimal art…

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