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The artist Alastair Mackie
Born 1977, England.

Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Alastair Mackie
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Alastair Mackie
Alastair Mackie’s work, normally in sculptural form, deals with primal urges, the passage of time and basic existence. His process is to take an object or material and to re-present it to the viewer in a charged way, as an object loaded with meaning, challenging us to re-consider how familiar we actually are with our surroundings.
Equally combining humour and irrationality, Mackie’s works are calm and seductive; enticing you in only to leave you intrigued and amazed at how something that is often so unsettling can be made into something so beautiful.

Alastair Mackie

Alastair Mackie
It was upon first glance at the image above that first drew me into the work of Alastair Mackie. I found it intriguing, thinking it could be slightly reminiscent of the the works of Kiel Johnson (HF Vol. 14), however upon a closer inspection of Alastair’s sculptures, was pleasantly surprised to find a portfolio of such diverse works and unusual materials that I needed to delve deeper…

Alastair Mackie
When sculptors speak of exploring challenging materials, they’re usually discussing traditional forms which are personally unorthodox to them. In the unlikely niche of working with barn owl pellets (the regurgitated indigestible parts of a mouse), Alastair Mackie has almost certainly formed a new market…

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