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Celtic Art
Many people associate Celtic art with the intricate scrollwork of interlace tattoos and throwback artwork with little or no symmetry[...]
Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife
Dream of the Fisherman's Wife is a woodblock print created by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. It was a ukiyo-e made[...]
Oath of the Horatii
Oath of the Horatii is a painting by the French painter Jacques-Louis David. It is a large oil on canvas[...]
Portrait of a Man in Red Chalk
The "Portrait of a Man in Red Chalk" is believed to have been drawn by the legendary artist Leonardo da[...]
Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti
Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti is also known as Autoportrait or Tamara in a Green Bugatti. It's an oil on[...]
Goldfish Pool at Chartwell
The Goldfish Pool at Chartwell was the last painting created by British politician, writer, army officer, and painter Winston Churchill.[...]