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The artist Kajsa Dahlberg
Born 1973, Göteborg, Sweden.
Lives and works in Malmö, sweden, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Athens Biennale,

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Kajsa Dahlberg
Habent sua fata libelli, “Books have their fates.” As Walter Benjamin noted, this Latin saying has another meaning for book collectors: Each physical copy of a book has its own fate. For a project presented in her recent solo show, Kajsa Dahlberg followed the fate of copies of the Swedish translation of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own (1929). First published in Sweden in 1958, Ett eget rum has gone through two editions and several printings, although Jane Lundblad’s translation and the page layout of the book have not changed over the years. Dahlberg borrowed the books from hundreds of public libraries across the country and discovered that every copy of Ett eget rum is unique: Notes, doodles, and even a few paper clips left by readers make each copy an original…

Kajsa Dahlberg
"Att klottra skulle ju därför snarast kunna definieras som ett sätt att försöka deltaga i ett offentligt samtal…"

Kajsa Dahlberg
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What was really important to me in my work with the book – and which …

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