Roi Vaara

Roi Vaara | the artist

The artist Roi Vaara
Born July 17 1953, Moss, Norway.
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art,

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Roi Vaara
»White man is passing the White House«

Roi Vaara
My work is motivated by our forms of living, which on the whole seem unbearable. My aim is not to give answers or show how things should be seen. But to create an inter subjective contact, my aim is not appeal to masses. Instead of controlling the audience I try to awaken each individuals' own images, experiences, thoughts…

Roi Vaara

Roi Vaara
Palkinnonsaaja 2005

Roi Vaara
Performance artist Roi Vaara has criticised the art world for concentrating too much on museums and galleries. Vaara has chosen to make art differently, in the very midst of people. The artist became known for his performance character, who, painted white, walked in public spaces…

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