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The artist Adam Pendleton
Born 1984, , USA.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Greater New York, Writing, Printmakers,

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Adam Pendleton
Adam Pendleton is an artist, writer, and performer who approaches all his projects as multi-disciplinary hybrids. They can be seen as investigations in search of a dynamic mid-space location between first- person and third-person experiences of knowledge and historical production…

Adam Pendleton
In a conceptual, multi-disciplinary practice, New York-based artist Adam Pendleton shifts language, forms and images into an arena of artistic inquiry where cultural-political meanings – what is heritage, what is history, what is self-fashioned – are isolated and drawn into conversation. Pendleton works to create a re-historicized present, one that upsets and unbalances comfortably subjective interpretations of history and culture…

Adam Pendleton interview
Language was my primary material when I began to seriously make paintings. It was (and still is) my way of addressing and moving away from the idea of the image in relationship to the visual. I've perpetually thought about the tenets of language in relationship to conceptual art: language as material/ material as language; language as image/ image as language. I realized early on my work was a response to these somewhat dominating ideas. I wanted to pluralize the types of languages that could be used and how they were used in regard to conceptual art…

My first encounter with Adam Pendleton’s work was in the fall of 2007 during the Performa live arts biennial. Pendleton, among a handful of other artists including Yvonne Rainer and Isaac Julian, had been commissioned to create a performance-based work. What he produced—entitled The Revival—was extravagant to say the least: a full on gospel choir with four-piece band and Pendleton playing preacher, parrying with the best of them…

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