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The artist AES-Group
Pseudonym: Aes Group + f
Born 1955; 1958; 1957;, Moscow, Russia.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Photography, Sydney Biennale, Kandinsky Prize,

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Tatyana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovitch, Evgeny Svyatsky.

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aes group + f
The work “Defile” of the AES+F Group is inspired by the religious philosophy and futurological ideas of Nikolai Feodorov (1829–1903), who was one of the founders of Russian Cosmism. Leo Tolstoy and Feodor Dostoevski considered Nikolai Feodorov to be an ingenious Russian thinker. One of his central concepts was the idea of the physical resurrection of human beings…

aes group + f
Islamic project started on 1996 as an installation and performance with interactive communication with public: purchasing souvenirs, filling questionnaire concerning their opinions about Future. It works as a kind of social psychoanalysis – visualization of fears of Western society about Islam…

aes group + f
Last Riot is a computer-animated video installation by one of Russia’s most critically acclaimed contemporary art groups, AES+F Group.

aes group + f
<p> “The virtual world generated by the real world of the past twentieth century, like an organism emerging from a test-tube, expands, leaving its borders and grasping new zones, absorbs its creators and mutates in something totally new. In this new world, real war looks like a virtual-reality game, and prison torture appears as the sadistic exercises of modern valkyries. Technologies and materials transform the artificial environment into a fantasy landscape of the new age. This paradise is also a mutated world where time is frozen, where all past epochs neighbour the future, where inhabitants lose their sex and become closer to angels – a world where the most severe, vague or erotic imagination is natural in the fake, unsteady 3D perspective. The heroes of this new age have only one identity – the identity of the rebel of the last riot. The last riot, where all are fighting against all and against themselves, where no difference exists any longer between victim and aggressor, male and female. This world celebrates the end of ideology, history and ethic.”

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