Agustin Victor Casasola

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The artist Agustin Victor Casasola
Born July 28,1874, Mexico City, Mexico.
Died 1938, Mexico City, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Sydney Biennale,

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Agustin Victor Casasola
Agustin Victor Casasola was not a painter or a poet or one of the many intellectuals or revolutionaries during the early decades of the twentieth century who consciously strove to forge a Mexican identity. Yet, as witness and recorder of those tumultuous years, his influence was as great and may prove to be more lasting. There is no medium that has greater immediacy than the photograph. And as such, it has great power. Whether Casasola knew this intuitively or intellectually doesn’t matter…

Agustin Victor Casasola
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Agustin Victor Casasola

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