Morshedloo Ahmad

Ahmad Morshedloo | the artist

The artist Ahmad Morshedloo
Born 1973, Mashhad, Iran.
Lives and works in Tehran, Iran.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Ahmad Morshedloo
Themes of gender and social inequality are predominant in Ahmad MorshedlooÂ’s work. In Untitled, he presents these with an introspective grace in an intensely detailed study of a woman reclining. The quiet simplicity of his subject becomes the focus of expansive meditation as his dense cross-hatching and delicately tangled gestures transform the surface into a microcosm of wonder, infusing his cold clammy palette with a sense of secluded energy.

Ahmad Morshedloo
The first characteristic of Morshedloo's paintings that attracts my attention is their technical prowess and the organic structure of their parts (elements). But what makes them stand out is the use of technique for expressing inner concerns of the artist. The soft contrasts and deformations that pervade the paintings can be detected through carefully drawn hatchings. It is precisely these hatchings that carry the burden of storytelling. The realistic approach makes a show and directs the gaze of the viewer from surface to depth. It is here that the artist targets his audience by inviting him/her to go beyond the technique and the visual structure and to look for the "real" behind them…

Ahmad Morshedloo

Ahmad Morshedloo

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