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Aki Sasamoto | the artist

The artist Aki Sasamoto
Born 1980, , Japan.
Lives and works in New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Installation art, Performance Art,

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Everyday activities i am committed to have stains here and there, silently roaring secret codes of personality. i am interested in procedures, gestures, and habits in daily life, which are so constant that minute differences in their execution expose the condition of people’s mental state or environment.

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Aki Sasamoto
In her own work, Sasamoto is interested in everyday gestures on nothing and everything. Today’s performance/installation builds on and shifts out of yesterday’s, remembering, modifying, developing. Her works are shown both in dance and visual arts venues in New York, San Francisco, Germany, New Zealand, and Japan. This coming year, she is putting together a new installation/performance for Whitney Biennial 2010 at Whitney Museum of American Art. She is good at cooking…

Aki Sasamoto
Sasamoto’s installations and performances explore the nuances and peculiarities of everyday life. She uses sculpture, movement, video, and sound to transform mundane actions into theatrical events…

Aki Sasamoto
I experienced a sense of the unreal and constant self-doubt. A friend pointed out that I always take my time to return to real life after a performance and that I had spent the previous two months performing almost every day in four different shows. I thought I had bored her with my disorientation stories. (Is it like having an easily dislocated shoulder: no longer surprising, though the pain is acute each time?) To some extent, I enjoy the struggle to reconstruct reality after a performance, testing preexisting notions of how the post office and laundry machines operate, or whether people in my address book actually exist…

Aki Sasamoto
NY-based artist Aki Sasamoto explains her exploration of memory, daily life and habit through performance and installation art.

Aki Sasamoto
My performance/installation works revolve around everyday gestures on nothing and everything. These installations are careful arrangements of sculpturally altered, found objects, and performance with them activates the bizarre emotion behind daily activities…

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