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The artist Alan Uglow
Born July 19 1941, Luton, England.
Died Jan 20 2011, Manhattan, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers,

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Alan Uglow
Uglow's geometrical approach is minimal but also has a highly individual twist. One major influence for his work comes from his lifelong fascination with football. It led to sculptures and photographs related to the spatial structure of the stadium, like his constructions "Sudcurve" (1993) or "Coach's Bench" (1997/98). On a few occasions this type of work has been exhibited together with a roaring soundtrack recorded in the stands of a crowded football stadium. But there are also clear links between the beautiful game and his paintings, for example in the stripes of his 1992 work "Stadium II" that evoke the white marking lines on the football field…

Alan Uglow interview
Alan Uglow doesn’t neglect a single source of inspiration—from the noise of the street to the beauty of Italian luxury cars—his is a rigorous formal reflection with a subjectivity full of charm and tenderness. Alan’s paintings are beyond reductive commentary and that’s why, with him, it’s always best to stay alert…

Alan Uglow review
Much has been made of Uglow’s obsession with football, that is, European football. The format of the “Standard” paintings, with their symmetrical borders and rectangular interstice, mirror the soccer field’s proportions and create a ripe ambiguity between the fields in the painting and the field of play. As analogy it throws light on painting as a series of moves, and in the realm of movement it reveals the importance of who’s playing the game…

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