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The artist Albert Marquet
Born March 27 1875, Bordeaux, France.
Died June 14 1947, Paris, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Fauvism,

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albert marquet
Albert Marquet, who was born in Bordeaux, was both very young and very poor when he went to Paris to study at the School of Decorative Arts under Gustave Moreau. Matisse was also studying there at the time and, in order to earn money, the two artists decorated the halls for the Paris Exposition of 1900 in Moreau's Art Nouveau style…

albert marquet
Marquet was on of the most important and creative members of the Fauve group of painters in the last years of the 1910's. Like his friends Matisse and Vlaminck, Marquet was then seeking a raw visual emotional quality which would reawaken the visual senses of his viewers after what he felt was the bland over intellectual idea of visual sensation promoted by Impressionism…

albert marquet
Naples, Le Voilier'

tate gallery
Bay of Naples'

albert marquet
Musee d'Orsay

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