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Albert Oehlen | the artist

The artist Albert Oehlen
Born 1954, Krefeld, Germany.
Lives and works in Madrid, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Neue Wilden,

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albert oehlen
Malerei 1980-2005

In a series ranging from the everyday to strange-looking interior depictions, Albert Oehlen develops a new procedure by mixing photography and painting in order to break up the limits of these media and their ethics…

albert oehlen, the saatchi gallery
Black Rationality appropriates the tones and equestrian subject of historical painting and re-renders them as a punk-ethic effigy. The skeletons of the horses provide a Picasso-like motif. Seemingly two paintings in one, Black Rationality is a painting in conflict. Albert Oehlen sets up the flatness of an abstract expressionist ground; the figures are placed as a separate layer creating an illusion of perspective…

albert oehlen

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