Alberto Sughi

Alberto Sughi | the artist

The artist Alberto Sughi
Born Oct 4 1928, Cesena, Italy.
Lives and works in Rome, Italy, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Alberto Sughi was born in Cesena in 1928 but has been living in Rome for some time. Considered to be one of the maior Italian artists of the generation that appeared at the beginning of the Fifties, Sughi was the leading exponent of this figurative pictorial era in which "Existential Realism" was spoken about. His work quickly attracted the attention of art critics, causing a significant convergence of eminent scholars and essayists, even though of diverse orientations, and was presented in the most important collections of Contemporary Art, from the Rome Quadriennale to the Venice Biennale, as well as in many other exhibitions, showing to other countries abroad what was happening in Italian Art from the Sixties until now.

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Alberto Sughi Modern Art presents past and present paintings of Italian contemporary artist Alberto Sughi. It includes his very recent works on Dante's la Vita Nuova and bibliographical and biographical information alongside collection of essays of and on Alberto Sughi.

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