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The artist Alex Prager
Born 1979, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Lives and works in Los Angeles and New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Video,

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Foam Paul Huf Award 2012.

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Alex Prager
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Alex Prager (American, born 1979), a self-taught photographer, takes her cues from pulp fiction, the cinematic conventions of movie directors such as Douglas Sirk and Alfred Hitchcock, and fashion photography. Resembling movie stills, her unnerving photographs—crisp, boldly colored, shot from unexpected angles, and dramatically lit—feature women disguised in wigs, dramatic makeup, and retro attire. Crowd # 1 (Stan Douglas), one in a series of pictures shot for the November 2010 issue of W magazine, makes its debut here. It draws on Stan Douglas’s Hastings Park, 16 July 1955 (2008), among other sources, but Prager has enlisted a new cast of characters, dressed in 1970s outfits (which she selected), and shot the scene in her own signature style…

Alex Prager was born in Los Angeles in 1979. She was raised by her

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