Alexander Yulikov

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The artist Alexander Yulikov
Born 1943, Viatskie Poliany, Kirov district, Russia.
Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Soviet Nonconformism,

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Alexander Yulikov
Working principally in Moscow, in the 1970s Yulikov became an active member of nonconformist artists' circles and took part in the infamous "Bulldozer" exhibition (First Fall Open-Air Show of Paintings) and the Second Fall Open-Air Show of Paintings, both held at Izmailovsky Park in 1974…

Alexander Yulikov
Minimal – art (minimalism art). We are before a challenge of emptiness. " There is nothing to look. It is empty, it is cold, not interesting ", – complaints of the spectators, come to look pictures. But if you forget everything, that knew early, stop justifying and accept the challenge of this emptiness – there is a chance to outlive an opening of that art is not only painting…

Alexander Yulikov
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Alexander Yulikov
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