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The artist Alexandre Perigot
Born 1959, , France.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Istanbul Biennial,

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Alexandre Périgot
Pipedream is a precursor to Alexandre Perigot’s exhibition at the 2007 Istanbul Biennale in September, where he will further explore the political and ideological resonance of sound in his work…

Alexandre Périgot
Alexandre Perigot talks to Rosie Lesso about Elvis, chance and his installation at Glasgow’s Tramway

Alexandre Périgot
Alexander Kennedy trips over a pipe, bangs his head and temporarily goes to magic America with Alexandre Perigot…

Alexandre Périgot
Polka Palace is Alexander Perigot’s artistic proposal. Polka Palace is the third version of triptych, the installation in the form of a moving labyrinth with the area of 200 m2. The following project can be adopted depending on the size of the exhibition area.

Alexandre Périgot review
Walking into Tramway’s huge ex hib i tion hall to view Alexandre Perigot’s in stal l a tion, you could be forgiven for feeling a twinge of dis ap point ment. The promised life-size re pro duc tion of Elvis’ Memphis mansion is, at first glance, an un read able tangle of scaf fold ing poles. It is only when you clamber through the structure, exiting between the columned portico of the main entrance, and turn around, that the maze of gunmetal grey poles resolves into the familiar outline of Graceland…

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