Alexej von Jawlensky

Alexej von Jawlensky | the artist

The artist Alexej von Jawlensky
Born March 13 1864, Torschok, Russia.
Died Mar 15 1941, Wiesbaden, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Blaue Reiter, Expressionism, Documenta Kassel,

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Russian painter and printmaker, who was working in Germany. Member of the Blaue Reiter Group but like other artists need to escape from Germany during the war. Travelled trough France and discovered Matisse and his bright colors. For several years lived in Switzerland where he painted landscapes and found his style of painting.

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about the artist
Alexej von Jawlensky is according to the Julian calendar on 13 March (according to the Gregorian March 26) was born in Torzhok, in the Russian province of Tver. The father is a colonel Georgiy Nikiforovic Javlenskij and married his second wife Alexandra Petrovna Medvedewa. Jawlensky has an older half-brother, Constantine, an older brother, Sergei, and two younger brothers, Dmitry and Alexander, and he has an older and a younger sister, Nina and Vera…

alexej von jawlensky
Selection of paintings created by the artist during the active period of Der Blaue Reiter.

Drawings and paintings

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Paintings and drawings

Jawlensky’s Portrait of a Woman
Alexei von Jawlensky’s piece, Portrait of a Woman, was inspired by the work of his contemporary Wassily Kandinsky. Learn about von Jawlensky’s work with tips from an art historian in this free fine art video.

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