Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt

Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt | the artist

The artist Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt
Born 1965, Moscow, Russia.
Lives and works in Moscow, .
Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Kandinsky Prize, Painting,

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Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt
In Russia, today as always, the personal is also the political. Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt, one of the most celebrated of a new generation of Russian artists, demonstrates the new self-confidence of Russia's post-Communist culture. He paints monumental canvases that serve as a visual summary of the turbulent years that Russia has experienced since the collapse of the Soviet Union. From the time of the great icon painters, chief among them Andrei Rublev, Russian art has embraced the symbolic…

Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt
Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt was born in Moscow in 1965 and graduated from Moscow Architectural College in 1985. From 1985 to 1988 he studied at Moscow Architectural Institute. He lives and works in Moscow.

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