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The artist Alice Neel
Born Jan 28 1900, Merion Square, Pennsylvania, USA.
Died Oct 13 1984, New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Neel was born near Philadelphia in 1900 and trained at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women. She became a painter with a strong social conscience and equally strong left-wing beliefs. In the 1930s she lived in Greenwich Village, New York and enrolled as a member of the Works Progress Administration for which she painted urban scenes. Her portraits of the 1930s embraced left wing writers, artists and trade unionists.

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Alice Neel
Alice Neel was one of the great American painters of the twentieth century. She was also a pioneer among women artists. A painter of people, landscape and still life, Neel was never fashionable or in step with avant-garde movements. Sympathetic to the expressionist spirit of northern Europe and Scandinavia and to the darker arts of Spanish painting, she painted in a style and with an approach distinctively her own…

Alice Neel
Portrait of Dorothy Pearlstein

Alice Neel
Neel lived in New York City for more than fifty years, painting street scenes, still lifes, and the variety and individuality of people she encountered. She is widely acclaimed for her honest, insightful portraits of family, friends, poets, writers, fellow artists, and others with whom she came into contact. Sid Duffy was an uncle of the family who commissioned this portrait…

Alice Neel
Portrait of Max White.

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