Alicia Frankovich

Alicia Frankovich | the artist

The artist Alicia Frankovich
Born 1980, , New Zealand.
Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, .
Style and technique of the artist: Conceptual Art, Installation art,

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Alicia Frankovich
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Alicia Frankovich
Alicia Frankovich was born in 1980 in New Zealand and undertook a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Sculpture at AUT in New Zealand. She is currently living and practicing art in Melbourne showing regularly both in Australia and New Zealand, and has shown in other group shows internationally…

Alicia Frankovich
Installation views

Alicia Frankovich
Alicia Frankovich constructs spaces very quickly and then denigrates them. Building is in situ, a few signs maybe posted. Her political agenda is one that relaxes conventional living practices and exploits the power of physical structures that impact on us as beings…

Alicia Frankovich
She explores ideas of social conditioning vis-à-vis a language of architectural constructs. Alicia's installations draw from unrelated inhabited sites from the world, reproducing them through personally constructed pieces in ways that make us question the generic origin of the site…

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