Alighiero Boetti

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The artist Alighiero Boetti
Born Dec 1940, Turin, Italy.
Died Apr 1994, Rome, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Arte Povera,

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Alighiero Boetti

Alighiero Boetti
Alighiero Boetti (b. 1940, Turin; d. 1994, Rome) worked with cement, cloth, electric light, wood and even the postal system. His array of techniques embraced embroidery, drawing, photocopying, printing, photography, construction and often involved collaboration with people both inside and outside the art world…

Alighiero Boetti
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The Six Senses (I Sei Sensi). 1973; Boetti

Alighiero Boetti
I always find myself talking about the notion of double, which […] is present in all my work. The truth is that it is a natural reality: it is incontrovertible that a cell splits in two, then in four and so on; that we have two legs, two arms and two eyes and so on; that mirrors double images; that Man has based his existence on a series of binary models, including computers; that the speech is based on couples of opposed terms […]. It is evident then that the notion of couple is one of the fundamental archetypes of our culture […]. (A. Boetti, 1988)

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