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The artist Aligi Sassu
Born July 17 1912, Milan, Italy.
Died Jan 17 2000, Mallorca, Spain.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Futurism,

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In the 1940´s he mostly paints religious works and Caffe’.
Sassu had gone to Castel Cabiaglio with De Tullio to work in an ancient furnace of the place, there he creates about a hundred ceramics.
He is quite soon forced to leave that place and he decides to contact Tullio Mazzotti, who invites the artist to work in Albissola.
Here he has the chance to meet many artists who are there for the same reason and together they try new ways to conjugate shape and colour.
In 1954 he travels to Vallauris with Mazzotti and Fabbri. There he meets Picasso for the first time as the Spanish master of Cubism was actually working in that French city at that time.
In 1986 there are exhibitions in Palma de Mallorca, at the Rome XI Quadriennale, the Milan Trienniale and at the House of Mantegna in Mantova. He completes the hundred and thirteen works on Divina Commedia, three of which are purchased by the Puskin Museum of Moscow.
Bayer Munich hosts a large anthological with works from 1927 to 1985.

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