Alisa Margolis

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The artist Alisa Margolis
Born 1975, Kiev, Ukraine.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Alisa Margolis
Conyeing the incomprehensible vastness of outer-space or the infernal intensity of explosions, Alisa Margolis¬ís large-scale abstractions are overwhelming in their visual excess. From the infinite depth of her aphotic grounds, clusters of melting flowers, gaseous patterns, and fluid gestures burst forth in capacious fields of luxurious paint. Influenced by Dutch still-life painting and the floral opulence of the Baroque period, Margolis borrows both her subject matter and technique from the old masters…

Alisa Margolis
Works and biography

American artist Alisa Margolis' paintings are the perfect balance between the sincerity of traditional abstraction and a glimpse of something new. In her UK debut at Vilma Gold, London, the gallery is filled with a mixture of two large canvases and three small, each of which have a strong identity…

Alisa Margolis
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In 2001 Alisa Margolis began a new body of work as an attempt to address the cultural shift of her recent relocation from New York to Amsterdam. The historical works that fill Holland's museums and in particular traditional 17th century Dutch flower painting informed the works that resulted from this move…

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