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The artist Allan d'Arcangelo
Born June 16 1930, Buffalo New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Pop Art,

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D’Arcangelo utilized a vocabulary of road signs, electrical wires, underpasses and gasoline logos to form a graphic, stylized American landscape. He established a career-spanning signature style with flat fields of color, sharp perspectives and bold juxtapositions.

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allan d’arcangelo
Allan D’Arcangelo (1930-1998) was an internationally recognized artist whose work spanned five decades. Born in Buffalo, NY and educated at the University of Buffalo, he later studied in Mexico City where his first show was held in 1958. His first solo show in New York, at the Fischbach Gallery in 1963, was “well received and earned Mr. D’Arcangelo a place in the first generation of Pop artists” (New York Times, December 23, 1998). He exhibited regularly in Europe and New York throughout the 1960’s and joined the Marlborough Gallery in 1971…

allan d’arcangelo
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allan d’arcangelo
In his work D’Arcangelo examines the American landscape, using contemporary symbols of highway culture such as stars, traffic signs and cyclone fences. The precision of his colour surfaces and outlines encourages the interplay of abstract and figurative perception.  Allan D’Arcangelo…

allan d’arcangelo
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allan d’arcangelo
Allan D’Arcangelo is best known for his paintings of the highway, which he began in 1963. These paintings, typically flat planes with a perspectival highway extending into the distance. Often the highway was surrounded by the logos of gas stations and other highway signage, floating, disembodied, on the background. Early in his career, he made a name for himself as part of the Pop movement, with works such as Marilyn and Madonna and Child, from 1962 and 1963, respectively. Some of the characteristics of Pop are retained in his highway paintings, particularly the use of popular brand name logos, and the expanses of flat color…

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