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The artist Amal El Kenawy
Pseudonym: & Abd El Ghany Kenawy (1969)
Born 1974, Cairo, Egypt.
Died 20 August 2012, Cairo, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Singapore Biennale, Sydney Biennale,

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Amal & Abed El Ghany Kenawy
Journey : When I think of displacement it’s not only physical displacement caused by the boundaries of the place that separate societies that comes into mind but what concerns me is the human entity with all its contradictions, dreams and emotions which represent the true essence of the society with all its variables…

Amal El Kenawy
Women artists from Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey show constructions of female identity in film and video.

Amal El Kenawy

Amal El Kenawy
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Amal El Kenawy
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Amal El Kenawy
A visual artist, Amal Kenawy studied film and fashion design at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Cinema Institute in Cairo (1997-1999) and received a BA in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Helwan University in Egypt (1999). Kenawy was awarded the UNESCO Grand Prize at the International Cairo Biennale (1998), a grant from Pro-Helvetia Swiss Arts Council for an artist residency in Araau, Switzerland (2004), the Global Crossings Prize in Los Angeles 2005 : The Golden prize /xx111 Biennale de Alexandria des Pays de La Meditrannée 2005: The global crossings prize…

Amal El Kenawy
How would one look, torn apart whith imprints of teeth are still visible on the skin? Only a completely clean image is possible on the surface of the skin, claims Amal Kenawy, the Egyptian video and performance artist. Imprints of teeth sunk deep to mark bones, beyond the skin. The process of gnawing turned inward, cleverly keeping the skin’s surface pretty and clean. Clever enough to conceal the massacre of emptiness eternal, bones becoming the soil for a field of thorns…

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