Amar Kanwar

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The artist Amar Kanwar
Born 1964, New Delhi, India.
Lives and works in New Delhi, India, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Documenta Kassel,

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Amar Kanwar
A Night of Prophecy’ online video

Amar Kanwar
“There is perhaps, no border outpost in the world quite like Wagah, where this film begins its exploration. An outpost where every evening people are drawn to a thin white line and probably… anyone in the eye of a conflict could find themselves here…"

Amar Kanwar
Kanwar has established a distinctive voice, having directed and produced over 40 films, and through them studying the economies and psychologies of power as they direct the evolution of health, ecology, labor, development, politics, philosophy, art and law…

Amar Kanwar
<p>Frontera entre India y Paquistan,<br />
Una temporada afuera, 1997</p>

Amar Kanwar
Amar Kanwar is an independent film maker, living in and working from New Delhi. Responding to conditions in contemporary India, his films primarily concerns issues relating to violence, politics, ecology and sexuality…

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