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The artist Amie Dicke
Born 1987, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Amsterdam, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Painting, Installation art,

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Amie Dicke
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Amie Dicke
These works slyly combine the artist's earlier Nauman-esque sculptural casts of negative spaces surrounding her body with her vertically oriented, scroll-like ink drawings of faces connected by webs of thin lines. Dicke retains an interest in presence and absence, solids and voids: in each cutout, large swaths of the models' bodies and of decorative background elements are excised…

Amie Dicke started cutting away fashion posters when she was on a residency in New York. ‘I started to project my loneliness on the city where the most familiar faces were those of the supermodels on the buildings and in the magazines,' she has said…

Private Property
Dicke's Private Property series is inspired by the works of the influential German photographer Helmut Newton, whose photographs of glamorous female models, often in the nude, marked and defined an entire world-view towards female beauty in the 1960s-1990s…

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