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The artist Anastasia Klose
Born 1978, Melbourne, Australia.
Lives and works in Melbourne, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Performance Art, Sydney Biennale,

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Anastasia Klose
<p>Anastasia Klose’s work explores a particular "aesthetic of the pathetic", but not in the derogatory sense that it <br />
may first imply.  Reviewing her work in NEW07 Jared Davis wrote that: "Klose’s self-deprecating artistry <br />
reveals a superb talent for the manipulation of her filmic medium.  Her dry, apathetic sense of humour is both <br />
consciously ironic, and holistically human…Klose’s work is not merely provocactive irony, but an exquisitely <br />
intrinsic view of people – our strengths and our failures."  Klose’s video work embodies the "low tech <br />
aesthetic that is heralding a wider shift in contemporary Australian art-making practices…</p>

Anastasia Klose
Robert Leonard in describing Anastasia Klose’s video work Film For My Nanna, said, "It is at once heroic and pathetic, touching and irritating, entertaining yet utterly self-indulgent. We are embarrassed to watch, yet we identify. It might not seem finely crafted and yet – for what it is trying to do – I don’t think it could be done better."…

Anastasia Klose
prometheus art award

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