Anatoly Basin

Anatoly Basin | the artist

The artist Anatoly Basin
Born 1936, Leningrad, Russia.
Lives and works in Haifa, Israel, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Soviet Nonconformism,

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Anatoly Basin
In Leningrad, Basin was a well-known artist who belonged to the circle of non- conformist artists who actively opposed the aesthetics which the Soviet rule had dictated. There, he exhibited his works in hiding and even published a book about his activities…

Anatoly Basin
Portrait of the artist and images of works

Anatoly Basin
In 1956 started to study Art painting under the artist Ossip Sydlin. Was a participant of the non-conformist movement and took part in its exhibitions in Leningrad and Moscow. Emigrated to Israel in 1979. Since then has had exhibitions in galleries and museums in Israel, France, United States, Austria, Russia, Germany, Spain…

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