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The artist Anatoly Osmolovsky
Born 1969, Moscow, Russia.
Lives and works in Moscow, .
Style and technique of the artist: Performance Art, Writing, Moscow Conceptualism, Kandinsky Prize, Installation art, Documenta Kassel,

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Anatoli Osmolovsky
Biography and works

Anatoli Osmolovsky
Anatoly Osmolovsky was born in 1969 in Moscow, Russia. He began his career as a writer, and was a member of the literary group "Vertep" before 1989. Between 1990-92, he was the leader of the ETI (Art Territory Expropriation) movement, and participated in a series of street performances/provocations, including "Fuck," "We feel colds," "Index Finger," and "Perusing with Fire."

Anatoly Osmolovsky
Russia, our holy country! Russia, our beloved country!

Anatoly Osmolovsky
Portrait of the artist

Anatoly Osmolovsky
The Necessity of a Method as a Basis for Forming a Culture of Left-Wing Opposition

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