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The artist Andre Butzer
Pseudonym: Andé Butzer
Born 1973, Stuttgart, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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André Butzer
<p>"Hasengulasche?", 2003<br /><br /></p>

<p> Brekkies Leute,<br /><br />
Blecks Blox, All-<br /><br />
TODALL.<br /><br />
Schrecks, Schreckl!<br /><br />
Schlimm, schlimmo, schlimmost!<br /><br />
Fahrrad ist weg, wego!<br /><br />
Traurig. Au! Au!<br /><br />
Koch vom Hasengulasche?<br /><br />
Au! Ploing.</p>

André Butzer

André Butzer
<p>Mr. Butzer’s paintings feature a rotating cast of cartoon characters that simultaneously manage to <br />
be cuddly cute and forbodingly morbid. Most look like amorphous, amoeba, blob buddies, some <br />
sinister and others totally naïve. On the back of one of the paintings (all officially untitled) an <br />
inscriptions which reads, “Anfung und Ende von Donald Duck, erste und letzte Bild,” perhaps <br />
gives some clue to a subject matter or story within the dense and complicated composition. For <br />
the image could very well depict both the beginning and end of one Mr. Donald Duck, presenting <br />
itself as a record of the obliterated animated celebrity’s remains; orange bills and disembodied <br />
eyeballs abound. </p>

André Butzer
Andre Butzer’s work explores the romanticism of painting from a contemporary stand point. Inspired equally from popular culture and art history’s greats – from Ensor to De Kooning and Guston – Butzer’s wildly rendered canvases exude a frenetic creative energy redolent of the artistic myths of passion, power, and ‘genius’. Executed on monumental scale, Butzer’s paintings are a triumph of style over substance as his highly articulate techniques and compositions regurgitate graffiti scribbles and cartoon forms…Saatchi Gallery

André Butzer

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