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The artist Angela Bulloch
Born 1966, Fort Francis, Ontario, Canada.
Lives and works in London UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, BritArt, Relational art,

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A finalist for the prestigious London Turner Prize in 1997, Angela Bulloch has exhibited throughout the world with solo and group exhibitions in many of the most prestigious international institutions, among which the University of California Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archives of Berkeley (CA), Modern Art of Oxford. She participated to the Venice Biennale and the Tate Liverpool. She lives and works in London and Berlin

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angela bulloch

angela bulloch
Systems of rules and ordering principles–structures that organize our surroundings and our behavior–are a central theme in the work of Angela Bulloch. The artist combines light, sound, text, video, and objects to create multidisciplinary installations that explore interconnections between digitality and historical Modernism…

angela bulloch

angela bulloch, tate
Bulloch has performed an act of semiotic alchemy in which abstract and photographic markers – normally thought antithetical – are rendered absolutely relative and indivisible…

angela bulloch
Recently, at the Tate Triennial, I exhibited The Disenchanted Forest x 1001. It could be described as a complex work employing many different media in both an intimate or human scale and an architectural scale. The piece was conceived of and exhibited in Berlin at the Hamburger Bahnhof in the context of a prize exhibition called Preis der Nationalgalerie für Junge Kunst 2005. As I have been based in Berlin for a few years now the work really did grow out of that experience…

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