Angela Ellsworth

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The artist Angela Ellsworth
Born 1964, Palo Alto, USA.
Lives and works in Phoenix, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Sculpture Objects, Sydney Biennale, Painting,

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Angela Ellsworth
As an interdisciplinary artist Ellsworth creates installations, performances, drawings and objects which explore repetition of mark, action and gesture as it relates to the body.

Angela Ellsworth
EllsworthÂ’s objects and performances observe the body interacting with other bodies, over time and through the making of demonstrative marks; in Drawing on Breath a group of artists were observed capturing the motions, over two and a half hours of high-endurance charcoal drawing, of a triathelete running on a treadmill. In Drawing on Site, Ellsworth traced the long path from a gallery to the imagined home of a distant Scottish ancestor, using audio recording and drawing. The resulting performance and drawing was an intermedia map of the artistsÂ’ own experience navigating the unfamiliar streets of urban Glasgow…

Angela Ellsworth
For her opening of "Underpinnings" at the Lisa Sette gallery, Angela Ellsworth had performance artists intermingling with her crowd. Moving like zombies through the throngs of gallery visitors, each sister wife was armed with an object taken from one of the performance pieces illustrated by Ellsworth's embroidered drawings and would act out salient parts of the old performance pieces. Unsuspecting passersby were completely stunned and confused when they would happen upon a sister wife delicately clutching a knife or machine gun or stuffing a rag in her mouth, all of which objects were black…

Angela Ellsworth
As an interdisciplinary artist, Angela Ellsworth, assistant professor of Intermedia in the ASU Herberger Institute School of Art, examines the body in motion, the body in space and the body in community. Her work explores how our engagement with visual culture can both reflect and challenge our practices of everyday life. Through social art practices, experimental drawing and installation-based performance, Ellsworth explores how the body relates to our cultural, gendered and spatial modes of being in the world. Her art practice strives for moments of consonance where body, mind and culture come together to explore notions of engagement by inviting human experiences into the arena of art practice and inspiring conceptual, political and psychological intersections in a social space…

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