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The artist Anibal Catalan
Born 1973, Mexico City, Mexico.
Lives and works in , Mexico City, Mexico.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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Catalan characterizes his work as an “endless labyrinth with multiple entrances and exits,” each mark and material signifying something tangible in the real world. He uses words like falling roofs, walls, stairs, peaks, cables, floating canvases, vectors, hot and cold areas to explain the heterogeneous elements in his work. He creates visceral and cathartic spaces without falling into the metaphysical or the chaotic, with an impeccable awareness of defining each formal or material aspect of his compositions..
* Painting Prize National Auditorium “Lunas”. 2006
* mention. WTC Art Fest 06. Mexico city. 2006 Jovenes Creadores FONCA National Fellowship 2004-2005

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Anibal Catalan
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Anibal Catalan
Anibal is a current recipient of the National Fellowship FONCA Sistema Nacional de Creadores 2011-2013, was the first prize recipient in the National Biennale of Painting in 2007, received an honorable mention in the Diesel New Art Estocolmo in 2007 and the WTC Art Festival in 2006,

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