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The artist Ann Hamilton
Born June 22 1956, Lima, Ohio, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, The Larry Aldrich Award,

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Ann Hamilton is internationally renowned for her complex environmental installations that emphasize artistic process and tactile experience.

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Ann Hamilton was born in 1956 in Lima, Ohio. She trained in textile design at the University of Kansas, and later received an MFA from Yale University. While her degree is in sculpture, textiles and fabric have continued to be an important part of her work, which includes installations, photographs, videos, performances, and objects.

Guggenheim collection.

Ann Hamilton
Her studio

Corpus was a new work commissioned from Ann Hamilton, one of the world’s great installation artists, for MASS MoCA’s most dramatic space. Rather than fill the football field-sized space with objects as Robert Rauschenberg, Tim Hawkinson, and Robert Wilson did in previous installations Hamilton animated the volume of the space with sound, light, and millions of sheets of paper that fell from the ceiling over the course of the ten-month installation…

Ann Hamilton
A provocative visual artist, Ann Hamilton’s installations around the world have woven a broad palette of media into engaging sensory environments.  Her work is truly transformational, both in its visual beauty and the visceral impact it has had on the communities that have helped create and sustain it.  With an oeuvre that spans three decades, she has solidified her place as one of contemporary art’s most influential voices…

Ann Hamilton
Explore Ann Hamilton’s performance installation indigo blue — which comprises 18,000 pieces of used, blue work clothes and a live “attendant” who erases printed text from a book. This dynamic, web-based feature includes interviews with the artist and a time-lapse movie that compresses the work’s three-week installation process into three minutes of footage.

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