Ann Veronica Janssens

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The artist Ann Veronica Janssens
Born 1956, Folkstone, UK.
Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Installation art, Sydney Biennale,

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Ann Veronica Janssens
The body and its activity in the performance of perception are Janssens’ discourse, in which she engages the history and philosophy of art. Her mist as the sign /cloud/ is one example, and it is an extremely powerful and encompassing one. In order to suggest that her vocabulary, while rigorously non-figurative, is extensive, subtle and rich, I will now develop another medium through which she positions her work in and out of the history of art. In her sculpture Le corps noir, another sign is deployed, which, again, is fundamental for the self-experience of the body in space. This time she reworks a figurative emblem from baroque art: the mirror…

Ann Veronica Janssens
Ann Veronica Janssens (b. 1956 / in Folkestone (UK), lives in Brussels), artist, whose work is related to such concepts as perception, emptiness, materiality and immateriality, and infinity…

Ann Veronica Janssens
“Nothing is more beautiful than a person’s own perception"

Ann Veronica Janssens
La Pichenette (2 schalen in aluminium)

Ann Veronica Janssens Mist
Artist statement

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