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The artist Anna Barriball
Born 1972, Plymouth, England.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Anna Barriball, Saatchi gallery
Black Wardrobe is a bureau wrapped seamlessly in tape, pressed with obsessive determination to form a second skin revealing the dresser's most enigmatic crevasses. Suffocated in black, the cupboard looses its recognisable physicality, becoming a monumental void connoting absence and memory. Through prolonged physical connection with the object, Barriball unveils a mystery in the too-familiar: a synesthesia of sight and touch, where senses merge and become heightened in an elevated pursuit of beauty.

Anna Barriball
Anna Barriball's work hinges on minimal interactions with objects and often steps between the parallel languages of drawing and sculpture…

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Anna Barriball’s work inhabits a fluid territory, somewhere betwixt and between the two disciplines of drawing and sculpture. Hers is an exquisitely patient and poetic process as she seeks, or waits, for the perfect collision of object and idea and medium…

Anna Barriball
Barriball explores everyday objects through a variety of drawing processes and interventions…

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