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The artist Annabel Daou
Born 1967, Beirut, Lebanon.
Lives and works in New York City, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Installation art,

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The Lebanese-born New York artist works in a shifting combination of abstraction, conceptualism, and linguistic and numerical jottings, as well as sound.

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Annabel Daou
Biography and works

Annabel Daou
in lebanon we have no bomb shelter

Annabel Daou’s writings on paper
Landscapes in lines, letters in a linguistic play of our political realities. Their grounds are white papers, rough, torn and glued with tape. Written language as drawn landscapes in arab and latin letters makes the fascinating imagery of Daou’s work…

Annabel Daou
Annabel DaouÂ’s borders create a distinction between Self and Other. By omitting absolute lines she permits opposites to merge. She merges the elements of her artistic creations by obscuring the boundary and multiplies the written word as an image that pronounces itself and the contradictions it contains…

Annabel Daou
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