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The artist Anri Sala
Born 1974, Tirana, Albania.
Lives and works in Paris France, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Berlin Biennial,

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Anri Sala
Sala’s work, based primarily in video and sound, contains intimate and interwoven stories…

Anri Sala
Missing landscape

Anri Sala
Too weak to lead the sky on their own will, the festivity fireworks were shaded by peoples’ pyrotechnics. Finally the sky saw little difference between the governmental ones and the others. At crack of dawn the city streets were roofed by fireworks’ rests, which came back on earth or never made it to the sky. It smelled like corroded explosives. Street-cleaners, the only one to be awake, talked of fireworks being kidnapped and manoeuvred. All gone !

Time After Time
Within a very short period of time, the artistic oeuvre of Anri Sala, born 1974 in Tirana, Albania, has emerged as one of the most important positions in contemporary art.<br />Since his first international show at Manifesta 3 in 2000, the work of the artist, who now lives in Paris, has been on display the world over. In 2001 and 2003, his works were exhibited at the Venice Biennial, where in 2001 he received the Young Artist Prize…

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